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Kamaliya Zahoor (Ukrainian: Камалія Захур, Russian: Камалия Захур; born May 18) is a pop-dance music artist, opera-singer, songwriter, violinist, model, Hollywood actress and former Mrs. World.

Kamaliya (real name Nataliia Shmarenkova; Russian: Наталья Шмаренкова) was born in Zabaikallye, Chita Oblast, Russia. When Kamaliya turned three, her military father was deployed to Budapest, where she danced and sang in a children's ensemble called "The Jingle". When her family later moved to Lviv, she learnt to play the violin and studied opera.

While in Lviv, Kamaliya and her family were affected by the Chernobyl disaster. During a family picnic, a heavy rain cloud appeared overhead and a downpour started, it turned out to have been a radioactive Chernobyl cloud. Ever since then, Kamaliya has been struggling with health problems. In 1993 Kamaliya underwent lymph node cancer surgery, which was thought to have appeared due to the Chernobyl radiation. In 2007 the artist was diagnosed with serious thyroid problems and has been In 2003 Kamaliya wed the British/Pakistani influential publisher-businessman Mohammad Zahoor. Besides performing, Kamaliya’s other big love is animals. She has an extraordinary array of pets including: 12 dogs, 3 rabbits, a cat (2 deceased), raccoon, a falcon, 3 parrots and 5 horses. She is an avid horse rider. Music career

In her native Russia/Ukraine, Kamaliya is a household name, icon and one of the most successful artists known on the international music arena. A regular on all of the major live music, fashion, life style events and television shows around the globe, she has appeared in limelight no less than 50 times this year.

As a stunning, one-woman powerhouse of creativity, Kamaliya has released, besides many Russian language albums, two hit English language albums, Kamaliya & ClubOpera, and is recognized by millions as a multi-talented, multi-award winning performer who is about to release her 3rd English language album “Timeless” this year to make another powerful impact, yet again, on the UK and European dance and pop scene.

Her debut single 'Crazy In My Heart' which was released on December 12th 2011 became the Gay anthem immediately and topped the Club charts in the UK.After that she released two more singles "Arrhythmia" & "Rising UP" from her debut English language album "Kamaliya". In 2012 she joined hand with "99 red balloons" producer Uwe Fahrenkrog- Petersen to release a single with the frontman of ex-Modern Talking Thomas Anders. The single called “No Ordinary Love” was a hit in Eastern Europe.



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